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April Streams of Culture

At this point, we should have been opening the gates of our palace of culture ajar to you and to all. This will not be possible in person, but have no fear, the streams of culture remain ever-flowing. 

We are preparing music, theatre, and art, and cordially invite you to all our events. You can look forward to an open rehearsal with Collegium 1704, the talk show Compartment at Vzlet with Theatre Vosto5, etc.

More information and streams from individual events are available through the Vzlet Facebook page.


To make a donation by means of a voluntary entrance fee for online streams, visit GoOut - there is still possible to purchase gift vouchers, too.

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What Vzlet was

Built in 1921, Vzlet has served a number of purposes during the almost 100 years of its existence: it used to be a thriving motion picture place, a storehouse for film archives, and a multifunctional cultural space. In the last couple of years, it remained unoccupied. At the moment, the building is being renovated and awaits reopening in 2021.

Vzlet is going to offer:

Digital media
Virtual reality
Community activities

We are creating a new Prague multifunctional space for live art. 

Take a look at the exhibition Cook and Pilot from The Peerless Cooperative of the Holy Nurture

Vzlet is:

For the locals

Look no further for the perfect place to meet: you have just found it

For artists

The place for your future performances

For audiences

A place full of culture

For businesses

Conferences? Lectures? Arranged in a jiffy!

For visionaries

who look for new flight levels

For thespians

All the world's a Vzlet

For enthusiasts

A chance to set culture in motion through volunteering

For gourmets

who love fine cuisine

For dreamers

who are not afraid to take wing

For students

Even education can be fun

For musicians 

A place full of tunes and harmonies

For you

Vzlet is founded by

three Prague cultural organisations

independent theatre company
baroque orchestra
cinema in Vršovice

Faces of Vzlet


Petr Prokop

Director of Vzlet, theatre producer


Jiří Havelka 

Director, lecturer, screenwriter

Marta Ljubková 


Media and Science

Jan Macola

Film producer


Václav Luks


Veronika Hyksová

Music manager

Vzlet Gallery

Denisa Václavová


Program lines


Vzlet is not merely “another theatre” on the Prague map, but an institution with a wider outreach in terms of original drama and social function. 

We create new productions designed especially for this space, and we will look for and co-produce new projects with other theatres and groups. Vzlet will provide the creative home for the independent theatre company Vosto5.


Thanks to the activities of Collegium 1704 and the orchestra’s connections in the world of music, both in the Czech Republic and abroad, Vzlet will be an open space offering a wide range of activities in the fields of classical and contemporary music – concerts, educational projects for children, rehearsals open to the public, and more. 

Vzlet Gallery

The gallery will be located in the public space of Vršovice – on the side facade of the cultural centre. In terms of programme, there will be 4 projects every year, alternating after 3 months. The aim is to invite contemporary artists who will respond to the context of the place itself and create site specific works placed on the facade of Vzlet. 

Science, lectures, film, and media

Vzlet will serve as a platform for lectures and debates with inspiring people from science, art, and the public life. 

There will be an independent series of debates with chosen guests about important themes in society. We are also planning a separate series aimed at pupils and secondary school students.